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Our IoT-enabled controllers for water heaters exemplify convenience and conservation, empowering users to manage energy use with ease. We also innovate in commercial refrigeration, where our IoT fridge management systems provide real-time insights, ensuring food safety and operational effectiveness.

Eltec's approach to IoT transcends mere functionality; it's about integrating technology seamlessly into the fabric of daily operations, whether it's through intelligent diagnostics for home appliances or safety-enhanced gas appliance controllers that promise peace of mind. For industries spanning from public infrastructure to residential comfort, our IoT solutions represent a leap into a future where efficiency and safety converge, all under the umbrella of Eltec's commitment to quality and innovation.

IoT App's

Use Cases


Water Heater  Controller + Mobile app


Fridge + Freezer Management System 


Appliance Maintenance for Home Devices


Climate Adaptive HVAC Systems


Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Equipment

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