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Eltec Engineer


Turnkey product design and development services, custom tailored to your unique product requirement specifications



IoT Water Heater Controllers

Innovatively designed to offer remote control and monitoring, these IoT water heater controllers ensure optimal temperature regulation, enhanced energy efficiency, and superior performance longevity.


Smart Energy Management System

Our smart energy management system seamlessly integrates into existing setups, providing real-time energy consumption data, cost-saving opportunities, and automated efficiency improvements.


Safety Enhanced Gas Appliance Controllers

These controllers bring an extra layer of safety to gas appliances, featuring advanced sensors and automated shut-off capabilities to prevent leaks and ensure secure operation.


IoT Fridge Management System

This system transforms commercial refrigeration with IoT connectivity, allowing for real-time monitoring and control, efficient operation, and advanced analytics for improved inventory management.


Intelligent Appliance Maintenance

Enhance the reliability of home appliances with our intelligent maintenance system, utilizing advanced diagnostics to proactively predict and address maintenance needs, thus extending appliance life.


Climate Adaptive HVAC Systems + IoT App

Revolutionizing climate control, our systems adapt dynamically to environmental changes, offering intuitive IoT app integration for enhanced customization, efficiency, and user comfort.


Custom Design

Tailored to meet unique requirements, our Custom Design service crafts bespoke solutions, combining cutting-edge technology with innovative engineering to perfectly align with your specific needs and objectives.

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