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LED Lamps

The Eltec LED Lighting System is designed to meet the specific demands of industrial and commercial applications. This solution is tailored for professionals who require optimized implementation in areas such as industrial refrigeration, cold storage units, high-end kitchen cabinets, and specialized equipment cabins.


We use LEDs of superior technical specifications, interconnected in parallel configurations, and encapsulated with advanced techniques to ensure uninterrupted performance under varied operating conditions.


Eltec LEDs are distinguished by their robustness and ability to operate consistently in high humidity environments and fluctuating temperatures, typical in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Their compact and efficient design allows for versatile integration, ensuring high-quality lighting and optimized energy consumption in critical applications.

LED Lamps



Compact lamp, ideal for installation and adaptation to any refrigerator


Encapsulated system, even submersible


Lifespan of 100,000 hours


Parallel LED connection


Custom light intensity adjustment for special applications

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