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Temperature Controllers

Eltec's Electronic Temperature Controls series is not only positioned in the high-performance segment for industrial and domestic refrigeration systems and air conditioning but is also integrated into the IoT era. These controls, customizable and connectable via WiFi and Bluetooth, go beyond a traditional thermostat. Equipped with advanced capabilities, they incorporate cutting-edge options and algorithms for precise monitoring, regulation, and historical data collection, enabling an integrated intelligence system that can keep track of sales, among other advanced functions. Its architecture processes vital parameters, and its algorithms are designed for smart actions, optimizing efficiency and managing auxiliary systems. Furthermore, its adaptability to innovations and high tolerance capacity distinguishes it as the leading solution in refrigeration.

Controller Display



Independent display and power modules for optimal utilization


Safety system with failure protection and self-test system


Digital record of controlled temperatures and parameters


Reliable temperature control & Resolution of 0.1ºC.

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