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Metro Train System

Sonotrain System

This system allows intercommunication between the train driver and the passengers, and at the same time, it provides comfort by playing music between stations and automatically announcing to the passengers useful information such as the arrival to the next station and much more.

CAI System

A micro-processed centralized system that alerts/notifies the driver, in real time, of the status of the train systems through a lighted display and an audible alarm (optional), eliminating the need to search for the origin of a failure by indicating the car and allowing the technical maintenance personnel full access to the historic incidences information.

Sonostation System

Eltec's versatile communication and comfort system for subway stations, the Sonostation system is an enhanced version of Sonotrain system.

Sonostation enables communication between the control room at the train station and the users. It also has the possibility to reproduce music and automatic advertisement.

Cabin Console
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