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Electrode / Spark Plugs

The spark plug serves as an integral component in electronic gas ignition systems for all types of equipment, including stoves, facilitating ignition through the generation of a high-voltage electrical spark. Its modular design is characterized by an adaptable configuration, allowing variations in the type and dielectric properties of the ceramics used, thus optimizing resistance to high temperatures and efficiency in current transmission. Moreover, the system provides the flexibility to exchange critical components such as the conducting cable (which is available with thermal resistance specifications of 200ºC or 250ºC), the electrode (with its geometry and material tailored to maximize spark durability and effectiveness), and the ceramic (which acts as an efficient insulator and ensures proper separation for spark generation). These modular features not only guarantee optimal and consistent performance over time but also offer the capability to make specific adjustments and replacements that align with the technical parameters and needs of advanced ignition systems.

Spark Plugs
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