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Clocks & Time Controllers

Eltec's clocks, timers, and electronic controls offer a wide technical range. We provide designs ranging from those without a visual interface to options with LCD or LED displays and varied input systems, such as proximity and mechanical keypads.


Our engineering incorporates advanced features, such as countdown timing, alarm modules, gas controls, and relay outputs.


Eltec allows for precise customizations, tailoring devices to specific requirements. These products are optimized for easy integration and are compatible with various systems, from industrial machinery and modern appliances to equipment in the food industry and transportation.

Stove controller



Display available in 12 or 24-hour system with programmable alarm or timer, light control, etc.


Power sources of 120/220Vac, 50/60 HZ, or universal switched sources


High resistance to extreme conditions of vibration, temperature, and humidity


Operating temperature of up to 105º C (220ºF)

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