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Electronic Ignition Spark Modules

Eltec's electronic ignition unit, essential for advanced applications, is integrated into key devices such as ovens, stoves, boilers, and grills. It operates with or without a battery, prioritizing precise and reliable ignition. This optimization improves energy efficiency and safety, translating into increased durability and efficiency.


Our ignition system offers a cutting-edge solution for gas devices, with modules ensuring a constant and reliable spark, eliminating manual ignition. These adaptable modules ensure safe and efficient ignition. They stand out for continuously generating sparks and having self-recovery mechanisms that reignite the flame if interrupted.

Battery Ignition Module



Reduction of up to 30% in gas consumption


Very low electrical consumption; less than one watt during operation


Long-lasting electronics, guaranteed for at least 3 million sparks


Easy to install and adapt to any type of gas stove, heater, or grill


Requires no maintenance

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