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Eltec has developed a diversity of products. Some of them have become entire lines and others have kept their independence as unique products that satisfy specific needs.


One example is the Electronic Voice Module by Eltec, a high technology device that is capable of offering different voice messages with a minimum distortion. Due to the fact that all the messages are recorded electronically, the quality of reproduction is superior compared to devices that utilize only digital voice. The Electronic Voice Module has a broad range of applications such as: promotional ads, access and welcoming messages and warning announcements. Its sound and compact size makes it the ideal equipment for the promotion of products in large department stores.


Another product that was carefully designed to meet an identified need in the market is Eltec's Temperature Microprocessor Recorder: CoolGraph. This device continuously monitors and registers the ambient temperature which helps in the storage, transportation and/or distribution of sensitive and perishable products. All the recorded information can be directly viewed in an integrated display or can be imported for processing and handling in a PC.


Eltec also offers solutions that work at home. An example of this is Eltec’s Electronic Lock, an access unit that utilizes a new-generation microprocessor to provide an economical and complete programmable system. Eltec’s Lock offers security through the input of totally personalized codes, avoiding the need for carrying keys or access cards. This device also has the capacity to restrict the time in which it will stay open to ensure a better control over entering and exiting. Besides these qualities, it also functions as a ringing bell and it can be opened through a remote control system. This makes this product a complete and integrated system, which facilitates the daily lives of those who use it.


Our company also offers Eltec’s Audio and Video Systems for passenger busses. These systems are designed to withstand vibrations, high temperatures and humidity. Their low electric energy consumption, high power audio Hi-Fi and LCD monitors, are just some of the benefits that these systems offer.


These products are samples of the unique designs that Electronica Eltec has developed to provide specific solutions. Remember, if you have a particular need, you can contact Eltec and our team will develop a product specially designed for you.

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