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Gas Controls

The Eltec Supervised Gas Controls are the ideal source for instant lightning on all types of machines and appliances that use gas as a fuel and need electronic supervision, such as commercial heaters, water heaters, ovens, tortilla machines, etc.


The system consists of an electronic re-ignition module that produces a train of sparks at the electrodes, igniting the burner(s) when gas is present and a control module that establishes the time frame between the flame detection, the valves activation and so on.

The system requires two electric gas valves, one for the pilot and one for the burners, plus switches and an alarm subsystem (sound and/or visual).

The basic operation is as follows:


The re-ignition module works while the valves switch is on, it starts by powering the first gas valve and generates a sparks train on the electrode that will ignite the pilot in a twelve second period; otherwise the system will automatically stop. Five seconds after the pilot was ignited, the system will activate the principal valve for the burner, thus completing the cycle. Then, the system supervises the pilot flame and it will produce a spark train in its absence; if after five seconds there is no pilot flame, the system will automatically deactivate all valves and an alarm will indicate the problem.

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