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Voltage Regulators

The voltage regulator is an indispensable tool in advanced electronic applications, operates to provide a linear and stable electrical supply, specifically in high-sensitivity equipment, such as refrigeration systems and compressors, where consistency in voltage supply is critical. This device has the vital function of protecting such systems from voltage variations, whether they are surges or interruptions, thus ensuring their uninterrupted operation and minimizing the risk of damage to vital components.


Our offer includes an extensive range of voltage regulators with advanced microcontrollers, designed and manufactured with a specific orientation towards applications in refrigeration systems. These regulators have been conceptualized and developed to ensure stable operation, even in conditions where there are extreme voltage peaks, temperature fluctuations, and in environments with high humidity. The technical integrity and durability of our voltage regulators are backed by rigorous testing, ensuring that refrigeration systems maintain superior performance, even in the most adverse scenarios.




Micro-controlled regulator

Features a True RMS measurement algorithm that, regardless of the distortion of the power line, guarantees an effective output voltage.



Comes with software that allows changing the equipment's working parameters at any time without the need for hardware changes.



The architecture of the regulators allows manufacturing models according to the consumption needs and characteristics of our clients' power grid.


Long-lasting design

Specialized design and manufacturing to ensure its operation in challenging environments such as the accelerated corrosion test of 500 hours.


Low consumption

Switched mode power supply with low consumption (less than 1W). The source operates from 70 to 250 volts, 50/60Hz, which fully protects the refrigerator and the compressor.


Programming port

With an Eltec touch key, it is possible to change voltage thresholds and time and operation variables of the regulator and use the same equipment under different conditions.



Vacuum-sealed that provides a very low magnetization current reflected in the equipment's low energy consumption. Coated with epoxy resin resistant to high humidity, preventing corrosion in tropical environments.


Input/output connectors

Regulators can be manufactured with the connectors and wiring requested: fast-on type connectors; plug-type cables; connectors with a waterproof seal, etc

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